Top 6 house plants and how you should care for them!

Top 6 house plants and how you should care for them!

Are you constantly killing your house pants?  Here are some handy tips to make sure your urban jungle is fed, watered and very happy!

While we can all agree that some people are simply blessed with magic green fingers, others simply have to take one look at a spider plant or a succulent for it to wither and sadly die.  Luckily for you, we’re here to give you all the top information you need to make sure your house plants not only live but thrive!


With succulents, you need to make sure they are getting plenty of light, but not too much direct sunlight otherwise you can scorch your plant.  A top tip will be to grow them in a free-draining compost and make sure they dry out completely in-between watering.  Just make sure you never let them stand in water – they really don’t like it!


With ferns, it’s important to remember that not all of them will make good house plants.  However, sword ferns, asparagus ferns and maidenhair ferns will all grow well indoors.  Shady spots in the kitchen and bathroom make great spots for ferns.  With this plant, it’s vital that you mist the plant regularly.

Spider plants

This is a particularly popular option amongst interior enthusiasts and it’s not difficult to see why!  They like a well-lit position away from direct sunlight.  Make sure you regularly water this plant in the summer months and allow the compost to dry out between waterings in the winter months.

Peace lily

This sweetly-named plant needs a home with good light, but not direct sunlight.  A well-lit spot will encourage the beautiful white flowers to bloom.  A lot of people can accidentally kill their Peace lily by over-watering, so make sure the compost is completely dry before watering.

Money plant

Commonly known as the jade plant, this is actually a type of succulent that can grow to epic proportions!  It like a warm, sunny spot and will only need to be watered occasionally.

Aloe Vera

The first aid plant or Aloe vera plant can be used to treat minor burns and should ideally be grown in the kitchen.  Make sure the spot is a bright one, but out of direct sunlight.  Cut down on watering this plant in the Winter and make sure soil is kept damp but not wet.

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