Utility Room Ideas

Just because utility rooms are functional and boring, does not mean they cannot be organised and aesthetically pleasing.

Creating an organised environment can please the soul and help ensure you stay on top of your laundry duties. This can be helped by creating an interior space with storage design solutions.

Integrate all white goods by creating cupboards and shelving around them.  Create a drawer with a glass shelf, as this is perfect for folding clothes on and can be tucked away. It is also a great concept to add an ironing board tucked away in a drawer.

Washing basket drawers

Create separate washing basket drawers for whites, blacks and coloured items. Stock up on toiletries and washing up products and store these items out of reach of children. Store brooms, mops and other long light items on the inside of doors to save room and keep them stored away out of sight.

Have towels stored and ready for use, having shelves can also make it easy to fold and store clothes before they are put away. Have a rail to hang up items after they are ironed, keep everything organised and you will be happy doing chores, and stress free.

Maintain a clean environment

Keep your utility room clean and bright, painted white often looks clinical and bright, in this case this is something you should want. A clean space will ensure your items are not damaged. If possible have a sink and dishwasher area, this will keep all your cleaning activities separate from your kitchen which is a food purpose only space use.

Make it interesting and add funky or nice tiles to your splash back, change up the door handles on all the units.  This can be done really cheaply, giving a bit of TLC to your laundry room overall look.

Integrate a dog bed

If you are a pet owner, you may wish to consider integrating a dog bed into a cupboard space, as this is a great way to create a home for your pet where they can get some peace and quiet and feel safe while you are out.

Consider creative areas around your home where you can create a utility/ laundry room.  Try under the stairs – think of creating a divider wall in your kitchen to separate the two or create a space within a cupboard in your home, although small it can still be made efficiently if you design it correctly to your needs.

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